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Hello… Welcome to Paper Chase Prophet. I am so glad that you chose to visit my site today. I pray it ignites a fire in your soul and shows you a path to your online success.

My name is Sammy Duncan. I am the founder and CEO of Paper Chase Prophet. I started this company based on one simple belief. Every single person on God’s green earth should have the knowledge to gain a passive income. They should be able to learn to earn it without having to sell a kidney to get it as well.

Full throttle, no brakes #paperchase

I have always had a gnawing feeling that I am the one who has to break the chains of mediocrity off of my family. This is not just for me. It’s for my children, and my children’s children, and the generations to come. Slowly but surely I have taken it to another level and started to drink from the fruits of my labor. I have not reached the goal that I set for success but I’m chasing it down at NASCAR pace.

Game changer

I am just like the majority of people in America that were born and raised in poverty. Our parents taught us it wasn’t our fault, and things would never change. It was “the man’s plan” to keep us down and there was nothing that we could do about it. “Just be a good boy and go to school and listen to what they say, and follow their instructions.”

This is the way poverty has been passed down from one generation to the next for centuries. I don’t think they all did it intentionally, but kept telling it exactly like it was taught to them. It was just easier to blame someone else for the struggles, rather than taking responsibility for their own lack of action.

I’m just glad I never believed it. I never wanted to drink that poison. There is a small percentage from each generation that isn’t deceived. These are the ones that are truly set free. It is my personal mission to teach the future generations that the sky is the limit. No matter what, keep reaching for the stars.

No excuses

We have reached a point in technology where there is no excuse for making excuses, period. I realize that there are people out there who will take offense to me saying this. But, it is up to you and you only to change the things that you don’t like about your life. If you are broke and you don’t like being broke, you have got to be the one who does something about it. There is information all over this great internet to show you how to do it. It’s up to you to find the best way to make it work for you and then make it happen.

My word is bond

This brings us back to the true reason this company was founded. We have all been told how a building is only as strong as its cornerstone. At the Paper Chase Prophet, the cornerstone is my belief. I believe if I reach the less unfortunate, I can get them to conceive a dream. Then I can show them a path to success and keep them motivated until the vision is fulfilled.

This site contains lessons on a wide range of topics that revolve around one common goal. I’m committed to spreading seeds of financial freedom as far as the internet reaches. I hope that you found the content useful, inspiring, and at the same time, thought-provoking.

From the heart,

Sammy Duncan

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